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Questions? Give us a call! 484-863-9178
Questions? Give us a call! 484-863-9178

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Buylist Notes:

  • Payment is via Paypal, Check or Store Credit (20% more).  Paypal has a small fee associated with it.  Checks take up to a week from completion to arrival.
  • Buylist submissions must be mailed in, dropped off at an event or at our store.  Please contact us at toacomics@gmail.com if you intend to drop it off in person, so we can have money set aside for you.
  • Condition - Cards don't have to be perfect, near mint, and we will accept some lightly played cards at the same rate.  However, Creasing, dirt, excessive whitening or other signs of wear.  We will still accept Moderately Played cards at 70% of NM value, Heavily Played cards at 40% of value, and Damaged cards at 25%. We will automatically process any buy order with fewer than 20% deductions overall.  For buys with more than a 20% deduction, we will e-mail you first.  If we don't hear back in 48 hours, we will automatically process it.
  • We do not buy Signed or foreign cards.  If signed / foreign cards are sent in, they will be returned or purchased at 25% of NM price, whichever we prefer.
  • Please place all cards de-sleeved, facing the same way in a rowed card box or deck box and in the same order as the invoice.  Sleeved cards may incur a cost adjustment for our time de-sleeving them.
  • Ship the cards to:
  • TOAMagic.com
  • Attn: Buyer
  • 201 S. 3rd St.
  • Coopersburg, PA 18036
  • All cards must arrive within 7 days of confirmation.
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